About company

The limited liability company «Ecotol Service» LLC, occupies the leading position in the market of services in maintenance and repair of the sanitary equipment of railway transport.

Since its Foundation in 2004, the company provides service and maintenance, repairing of environmentally safe toilet complexes (ESTC), installations of cold and hot water preparation (Ic/hWP), other plumbing systems of passenger railcars, diesel and electric trains, rail buses, locomotives.

During the 14 years of its existence, our company established on all 15 grounds of JSC "Russian Railways" network of 78 production units. All divisions are completed with the qualified working crews, necessary equipment and full set of tools. In our company employs more than 1100 people. Regular training, professional development of personnel, continuous quality control of the rendered services is provided.

The company has its own park from more than 160 units of special vacuum cars, which allows to clean storage tanks of ESTC and waste transportation. We have a license with the right of work practically in all territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

For the round-the-clock control of work of production divisions and also interaction with structures of JSC "Russian Railways" in eight time zones, it was created and successfully the dispatching service functions.

The company conducts development, production and installation of the sanitary equipment on the rolling stock and objects of transport infrastructure. We project, we make and we install not only the sanitary equipment for the rolling stock, but also stationary complexes of service of environmentally friendly toilet complexes. We have not only beautiful booklets, but also the real realized projects.

In 2017-2018 our company by request of JSC FPK modernized 604 passenger railcars, having equipped them with modern sanitary equipment.

Thanks to the centralized system of material support supply with spare parts and expendables of production divisions through the whole country is adjusted.

Its own design and technologycal center conducts a constant analysis of equipment operation, develops activities to improve the reliability, carries out elaboration and approval of technical and normative-technical documentation.

To determine equipment reliability indicators, technical center employees conduct life tests of the main components of toilet systems of various manufacturers of ESTC. In addition, the staff of LLC Ecotol Service is conducting advanced research in order to find effective ways to dispose of faecal waste.